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An era of health and well-being in Aklan



By Maria Solita Zaldivar-Guzman

Primer on the importance of an efficient health system

They say that you do not have to live forever, you just have to live and make sure you leave behind a life that has meaning and purpose. Changing times have not only elevated our way of living, but it has also, statistically speaking, decreased our life span perhaps due to our lifestyle—what we do and what we eat. It was after the pandemic that we all began valuing life more and desiring to live longer.

While many of us do not like going to hospitals, it is an inevitable fact that we will eventually end up being admitted to one if not buried in graveyards. That is why there has been a vast clamor from the people for the government to invest in hospitals with the best facilities and healthcare professionals all over the nation.

Providing and investing in the health system is not only to save lives, but it is a crucial venture in the economy as a whole. Sickness and diseases impair productivity, hinder job prospects, and adversely affect the growth of human resources. Thus, it is essential to build a hospital that signifies a beacon of hope and a testament to the collective commitment of the community to the well-being of every person.

It took years of intensive planning and a group of driven and passionate individuals before this dream materialized in the Province of Aklan. Asia Pacific Medical Center, Inc. (APMC) – Aklan translates the importance of a health system that transcends beyond modernization but also resiliency and prosperity. Its construction is a result of collective effort, shared dreams, and the unwavering commitment of doctors and stakeholders.

It does not only have an aesthetic architecture and state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment but also has adept healthcare professionals and trained staff. As a modernized hospital in the premier province, APMC-Aklan plays a crucial role in enhancing healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes and the use of cutting-edge technology allows for more accurate diagnoses, minimally invasive procedures, and enhanced treatment options for every Aklanon and residents from adjacent provinces, even from other regions all over the Philippines.

Modern hospitals in general prioritize patient-centered care, focusing on the overall patient experience. This includes comfortable and ingenious facilities, modified treatment plans, and efforts to involve patients in their own care decisions. Patient satisfaction and engagement are integral components of modern healthcare and this is the core priority of APMC—its patients.

One of the reasons why APMC-Aklan is composed of medical investors is because they know what is lacking in the health system in the province and the needs of their patients hence, their desire to build a hospital with a pivotal role in preventing illness, managing chronic conditions, and promoting overall wellness in the community.

Begin with the End in Mind, sustain with the purpose

While completing the documents necessary for their operation to start, APMC-Aklan management invested in ongoing training and continuous education for their healthcare staff to ensure that medical professionals stay updated on the latest advancements in their fields and operate the newest medical equipment, contributing to better patient care and outcomes. Likewise, providing advanced diagnostic tools to innovative treatment options manifests their highest standard of care for the welfare of their patients.

Training was not only limited to the healthcare professionals but also to their administrative personnel, front liners, security, and utility. In APMC-Aklan, they have a system that optimizes workflow and resource management which encompasses scheduling systems and clinic schedules, inventory management, and automated processes that contribute to better efficiency of facilities and services, reduced wait times of patients, and cost-effective healthcare delivery.

The management also made sure that the hospital had a sumptuous structural façade and luxurious interior similar to a five-star hotel. Such details are imperative for creating a positive, functional, and memorable experience for the patients. The aesthetic appeal of the hospital makes it a tourism landmark for Aklan and such, highlights its branding and identity.

The APMC-Aklan founders emphasized giving importance to the atmosphere and ambiance of the hospital especially in its lobby where upon entrance, people will feel jaunty. Emanating good vibes most likely creates a positive disposition for patients and is a factor in helping them to a quick overall recovery. A hospital that not only provides patients with a peaceful demeanor but also creates trust and confidence in doctors and hospital personnel.

The end in mind is not just the here and now but the purpose is for the next generations who will benefit from the exemplary health system APMC-Aklan can offer. The hospital is not only a symbol of glory but it will serve as a memoir of genuine compassion for the people; its legacy will remain and it will continue to be of service to the succeeding generations.

The most awaited inauguration

November 10, 2023, marked a significant milestone in the history of Aklan—the inauguration of APMC and its commitment to a healthier, more resilient, and united community. It is a center of healing and compassion, more than just sterile walls and cutting-edge medical technology. It is a place where committed healthcare professionals offer people in need comfort, empathy, and support aside from medical care. It is a haven of hope and healing for those facing disease. It is a dream come true for every doctor who wishes to provide advanced medical treatment to save and prolong lives.

One of the objectives of APMC is to remove obstacles to healthcare access so that Aklanons will not have to go far and spend much to get medical care. The hospital serves as a community resource, guaranteeing that everyone has access to healthcare as a right rather than a privilege. To guarantee that the community has access to a workforce of qualified and caring healthcare workers, it will act as a training ground for the upcoming generation of healthcare professionals.

In her inspirational message, Senator Imee Marcos, emphasized eloquently that opening hospitals is one of her favorites and one of the best things that anyone can do, and it sprouted from her mother Imelda’s dream to build a hospital that did not exist before in her small town. She says it is tremendous in expectation and aspiration to open extraordinary hospitals that can match any in Metro Manila but was made possible only by Asia Pacific Medical Center. She commended the medical stakeholders for materializing the dream of a 10-story tertiary hospital level 2, and for taking over what should be the work of the government—to provide an international global standard hospital in a rural area.

APMC-Aklan indeed symbolizes unity, reflects shared values, and manifests devotion to the well-being of one another and for a healthier future. It is a living testament to the healing, relief, perseverance, and inspiration evident even in the generations to come.

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