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Batangnon creates cosmetic formula for a skin healthy ‘buling’ use



Batan, Aklan- The renowned Ati-Atihan Festival in Aklan, deeply rooted in history as the “mother of all festivals” in the Philippines, is set to embrace a revolutionary change thanks to the ingenuity of Raymond Sucgang, a registered Chemist hailing from Batan, Aklan. The festival, known for its unique tradition of applying soot to mimic the appearance of the indigenous “Ati” people from the Panay islands in the Pre-Hispanic era, has faced challenges with the use of traditional ‘buling.’ Common issues such as poor coverage, itchiness, lack of hygiene, vulnerability to sweat, and difficulty in removal have plagued participants for years.

In response to these concerns, Sucgang has unveiled the reinvented ‘buling,’ a groundbreaking cosmetic formula inspired by the original practice but with significant enhancements. Sucgang, with a passion for innovation, recognized the need for a solution that not only preserves tradition but also prioritizes skin health.

The reinvented buling maintains its soot base, derived from partially burnt coconut husk and coir, providing the distinctive black color associated with the festival. However, it goes beyond tradition by incorporating a cosmetic formula that addresses the shortcomings of its predecessor.

“The upgraded ‘buling’ boasts improved coverage that is resistant to water and sweat, ensuring a longer-lasting and more comfortable experience for festival participants. Moreover, the cosmetic includes sunscreens and moisturizers, offering protection against UV damage and excessive sun exposure during the lively celebrations,” Sucgang said.

“The reinvented buling not only upholds the rich cultural tradition of the Ati-Atihan Festival but also introduces a new era of skin-friendly practices. The cosmetic’s detoxifying properties provide a holistic approach to skincare, addressing the concerns of poor hygiene associated with traditional ‘buling,” he added.

The said formula is not yet available for commercial use.

As Aklan gears up for the upcoming Ati-Atihan Festival, participants can now enjoy the festivities with a sense of comfort and confidence, thanks to the innovative work of the inventive Chemist from Batan, Aklan, who has left an indelible mark on the cherished Filipino cultural celebration.