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BBM Administration offers the Philippines as a shooting location for foreign films Congw. Revilla



KALIBO, Aklan- The President Bongbong Marcos administration is offering the Philippines as a shooting location for foreign film producers.

This was according to Cavite Congresswoman Laie Mercado-Revilla in a press conference at Cafe Latte Saturday morning. The congresswoman was here on behalf of her husband, Senator Bong Revilla Jr as an invited keynote speaker at the general membership assembly of the Aklan Electric Cooperative (AKELCO).

Currently, many Filipinos are on the movie binge offered by Netflix and YouTube, especially South Korean shows.

“The Marcos Jr administration wanted to offer the Philippines to lure foreign movie producers because of its economic impact, as they usually pay in dollars. It will also help discover new talents to join the movie industry,” she said.

Mercado and her husband Revilla are known as legends in the fields of both entertainment and the movie industry.

“We know many Filipinos have great talents in the movie industry that still need to be discovered,” she added.