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Faith, Science and Values



By: Raymond Sucgang

The convergence of faith and scientific research to promote human welfare is a profound testament to the pursuit of truth and the betterment of humanity. This convergence reveals a deeper harmony between science and religion, often perceived as opposing forces.
In reality, both realms are driven by a profound love for truth and a commitment to improving human life.Faith, with its spiritual wisdom and moral compass, and science, with its empirical rigor and quest for understanding, together form a complementary relationship. The Church’s support for scientific endeavors that advance human welfare, uphold human dignity, and protect the environment, demonstrates a commitment to the common good. This alliance is not merely a theoretical ideal but a lived reality, evidenced by the many Catholic priests who have made significant contributions to scientific discovery.
Their work exemplifies the synergy between faith and reason, showing that religious belief can inspire and guide scientific inquiry.
However, the relationship has not always been without tension. The Church’s opposition to certain scientific practices that disregard human dignity or contradict divine teachings highlights the importance of ethical considerations in scientific research.
The lecture by Fr Jayvee was an eye opener for many researchers and a fitting reminder of the ethics in conducting Scientific research.
(Mr. Sucgang is a senior researcher at the DOST-PNRI and an outstanding Akeanon awardee)