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Five Reasons to try and patronize Jimenez’s Heritage Chocolate Bars




By: Vic Thor Palarca (Special to the BINN)

I recently had the pleasure of trying Jimenez’s Heritage Chocolate Bars during our Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) Assessment and Farmers Forum, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. This delightful treat is a satisfying indulgence. The rich, velvety chocolate enhanced by the creamy milk created a perfect harmony of milk-chocolatey and nutty flavors. The sweetness is well-balanced, and the texture is smooth, reminiscent of the classic Serg’s chocolate bars. Although this bar breaks easily, I don’t give it a demerit due to its superior chocolatey taste. (I recently Googled it and the reason why a chocolate bar breaks in half easily is because of fat bloom or chocolate bloom. Fat bloom occurs when the chocolate is exposed to warm temperatures.)

The pleasures of savoring a chocolate bar cover a rich tapestry of sensory experiences. The velvety smoothness and luxurious creaminess of milk chocolate as it melts in the mouth, combined with the enticing aroma, all contribute to the profound pleasure it brings. The gradual melting of chocolate as it is savored creates a distinct feeling that is both deeply pleasurable and calming—evoking fond and carefree childhood memories.

According to Melvi John Bolanio, Chief Marketing Officer of Jimenez House of Chocolates and a stakeholder member of Jimenez Cacao Growers Association, “Heritage chocolates are chocolate products crafted using traditional recipes and methods, often inherited through generations. They typically boast distinct flavor profiles and are manufactured in limited quantities by small, artisanal chocolate makers. The chocolate bars here in Jimenez House of Chocolates are produced in limited quantities because we put value on quality, not on quantity. Our heritage chocolates are crafted with natural, ethical ingredients, promoting sustainability and supporting cacao growers and small businesses”.

I have at least five reasons to try and patronize Jimenez’s Heritage Chocolate Bars:

  1. Ethical and sustainable: Jimenez’s Heritage Chocolate Bars are made with choice cacao beans sourced from the Jimenez Cacao Growers Association, Inc. The association employs a worker-processor assisted by a technician trained by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI). The association’s members produce and supply all of the cacao beans, and sometimes purchase beans from other local growers who are part of the association.
  1. Real chocolatey taste: What makes each Jimenez heritage chocolate bar special? These bars are crafted with premium ingredients, providing deep, earthy flavors that satisfy discerning chocolate enthusiasts. Each bar is enriched with a blend of cacao bean varieties including BR25, UF18, and W10. Other chocolate variants include white chocolates, and cone bites in five flavors (available milk chocolate, matcha, strawberry, white, and dark chocolate). With high-quality ingredients, minimal processing, and ethical practices, Jimenez Heritage Chocolates stand out from mass-produced chocolates in the market today.
  1. Amazing health benefits: Jimenez’s heritage chocolates contain high cocoa content, offering flavonoids with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties, making them a healthier choice than other commercially-produced chocolates.
  1. Freshness guaranteed: Handmade in small batches, their heritage chocolates are always fresh, carefully crafted, and free from artificial chemicals, ensuring a unique and superior taste. The dainty eye-catching packaging assisted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Misamis Occidental perfectly complemented the delectable chocolate bar inside. The heritage chocolate bars are now staple gifts or tokens by the local government of Jimenez and other municipalities of Misamis Occidental.
  1. Environmental Impact: Choosing Jimenez heritage chocolates promote sustainability because they are manufactured using environmentally friendly methods and eco-conscious ingredients, resulting in a lower carbon footprint compared to other mass-produced chocolates.

For queries and more information, contact Jimenez House of Chocolate through their Facebook business page: Jimenez House of Chocolate or Vima’s Agricultural Learning Center through Melvi John Bolanio (09452247558) or Association President Epher Arbotante (09381140810).