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House Secretariat Seeks to Improve Public Communication Efforts



By: Press and Public Affairs Bureau
Congress- Staff from the Committee Affairs Department (CAD) of the House of Representatives (HRep) on Thursday resolved to support communication efforts aimed at improving public understanding of the work of the House of Representatives.
CAD staff made the commitment during the “CAD Talks” on the topic of writing press releases, after the resource person, Director Joaquin Romeo Santiago, of the House Media Affairs and Public Relations Service – Press and Public Affairs Bureau (MAPRS-PPAB) shared a finding of one focus group discussion (FGD) that people did not know their congressmen, much less familiar with their work.
“Iyon po ang challenge before us… for us to tell the public that the House is working and it is working for the public’s best interests,” he said.
CAD participants realized that they can use their personal social media accounts to amplify the dissemination of information about the work of the House.
Attendees also agreed to follow and like the social media accounts that showcase the work and accomplishments of the HRep, such as CongressTV, among others.
It was also noted that some of the CAD’s outputs may be repurposed as press releases, composed according to a core message for certain segments of society, including the media, to achieve targeted communication goals.
Santiago provided attendees with a working framework for writing press releases, going deeper than the traditional 5Ws and 1H of newswriting.
It was agreed that a follow-up workshop shall be conducted focused on the mechanics of writing press releases.

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