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Japanese expert study alleged galleon ship remnants in Mambuqiao, Batan



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BATAN, Aklan- A geologist from Japan has come to Barangay Mambuqiao in Batan, Aklan, to collect a specimen to determine the existence of the alleged remnant of an ancient galleon ship at their beach.

Raymond Sucgang, a resident of Batan, Aklan, said that Dr Americus Perez, a geologist from Japan, collected field data and samples on Saturday.

“The soil samples will be sent to Japan for the required analysis. To analyze the feldspar and quartz in the site not exposed to light. We hope that in this way we will be able to know when the galleon docked in Batan,” he said.

The residents of Batan have a strong reason to believe that the ship is a remnant of a galleon ship, as the town has a strong Spanish influence.

Among those remnants are the Spanish distillery, cemetery, canon, parish church, and even the Spanish map of Batan.

The wholeness of the remnants can only be seen during the low tide of summer on the coast of Barangay Mambuqiao.

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