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Singaporean Hotel lauds former Libacaonon Councilor



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(photo courtesy of Far East Hospitality Management)

KALIBO, Aklan- A former councilor of Libacao, Aklan was lauded by a hotel chain based in Singapore.

In a post on LinkedIn, Far East Hospitality Management praised former Councilor Jerome “Dong” Legaspi for going above and beyond the call of duty.

In a narrative, Legaspi helps a guest who booked a wheelchair-accessible room. But Legaspi learned that the wheelchair had already been used by another guest.

Because of this, Legaspi remembered that his mother-in-law has an old wheelchair. He immediately went home and got it. He later gave the wheelchair to the guest.

Another good deed reportedly done by Legaspi is that when he learned a pregnant guest was craving bananas and coconuts, he dashed out to buy some for her.

“Acts like these come naturally to a man with an attitude of gratitude who’s always ready to pay it forward. Our guests are the happy beneficiaries,” the hotel posted.

As of this posting, Libacaonons all over the world have expressed gratitude for the laudable deeds done by Legaspi.

Far East Hospitality Management reportedly has more than 15,500 rooms across over 95 hotels and serviced residences in seven countries, including Singapore.

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