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Some Boracay bound tourists scammed through fake hotel reservations, sports activities



BORACAY Island- Some tourists wanting to stay here in Boracay got scammed by fake travel agencies and tour operators.

Based on the research conducted by the Boracay Island News Network (the BINN) , some scammers come from unlicensed and unaccredited tour operators on this resort island. The modus started last year.

The Aklan provincial government has imposed no hotel bookings, no entry on this resort island since 2022.

The modus of fake travel operators is posting discounted rates for hotel rooms in Boracay. They will then ask for a downpayment, mainly through GCash. As soon as the scammer receives the advance payment, they will not be contacted by their unwitting victims.

This practice turns off tourists who supposedly want to relax in Boracay.

What to do to avoid being scammed?

1.) Request to have a video call with the seller and tell him/her that it is being recorded.
2.) Ask for their papers showing they are registered and accredited.
3.) Check their Facebook page if they regularly update. Also, read the comments on their Facebook page so as to know what to expect.
4.) Ask if they have any hidden charges.
5.) If possible, request a photo from them of what your room reservations look like.

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