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Ten Ways on How to Stand Out in Our Work Place



By: VM Cynthia Dela Cruz

(This is for our young women and men and middle aged working group.. a flag raising talk with our employees)
How to stand out in our office :
1. Volunteer to get involve in your office projects or events. Make good suggestions and observations and volunteer to do them . Make sure to do it well . We appreciate those who volunteer and accept new assignments.
2. Give more values to your office by sharing your skills and talents . Do your assigned work well and be willing to learn new skills , study , etc.Be willing to give or extend your working time with or without pay occasionally.
3. Know your job well and work best on them. Talk to your supervisor where you need to improve and how can you be promoted. Talk to her your skills, responsibilities and achievements
4. Demonstrate your leadership skills esp when opportunities arises. And do it well and excell. Be a role model to your officemates
5. Identify and help solve problems. Have the initiative and creativity to solve these concerns . Ask help ideas from experts. Have an action plans to follow.
6. Be positive ..and be calm despite pressure of work. Focus not rattle. Create a good working environment .
7. Maintain good work ethics ;
Be punctual for work,
meetings ,events and
Dress neatly and
Obey all office policies
8. Improve your social skills: be confident, have effective communications skills , know conflict resolution,do active listening, and encourage others opinions, emphaty( understand), build relationships,respect, thank all for their contribution , forgive and ask sorry if needed.
9. Have a role model. Look at those who shine or was promoted in your office. Follow them, be friend with them. Know their good qualities. Avoid nega stars .
10. Motivate yourself always. Read, listen to good speakers, study the behavior of successful persons. Make life goals and reward yourself once in a while .
– DocHyacinth 3/13/23

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